Beier Integrated Systems as we know it today was originally named, Frank L Beier Radio in January 1945.

Frank L. Beier, circa 1938

Frank L. Beier, circa 1938

Frank L Beier had been a radio/telegraph operator in the Merchant Marine working for RCA before and during WWII.
In those days the radios and telegraph equipment was leased to the shipping companies by RCA (in the USA) or Marconi (in Europe),
And the radio operator was rented also.

Shortly after the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941, RCA transferred him off the ships and onto shore in Pascagoula, MS to head up the installation of equipment on the new Liberty and Victory Class freighters being built at Ingalls Shipyard. He stayed in that position until RCA asked him to move to New England and head up their installations at a new submarine yard. He declined the offer, moved back to New Orleans and became the first RCA marine electronics dealer in the world.

When the war ended, demand for many new electronic products such as, direction finders, depth sounders, ship-to-shore radios and radars began to emerge. Frank L Beier Radio was the first independent dealer in the USA to sell, install and service these products.

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Founded in 1945 as Frank L. Beier Radio became one of the first marine electronic distributors in the Southern part of the USA.

1971 Frank Beier retires and sons Frank, Eric and Karl purchase the company.

1973 Beier Radio buys Electronic Parts and Supplies a local electronic parts distributor.History Beier Show Booth WEB

1973 Beier opens its first branch office in Cut Off Louisiana and Ocean Springs Mississippi

1974 Beier opens offices in Harvey, Morgan City, New Iberia, Intracoastal City, Lake Charles and Cameron Louisiana

1975 Beier Radio began providing systems integration of mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic systems with controls.

1975 Beier Radio opens offices in Houston, Texas City  and Port Arthur, Texas

1980 BeierRadio begins distributing Dynamic Positioning Systems. From 1975 to 1998 Beier Radio represented all of the major DP manufacturers, Kongsburg, Robertson, Simrad and Nautronix.

1981 Frank Jr. leaves the company

1981 U S oil depression begins and commercial offshore work is decimated.

1987 Beier Radio opens new division named  Boat Stuf which supplies electronics and marine supplies to recreational boaters.History Beier Equipment WEB

1993 Beier Radio purchases Wagner Marine a recreational Boat and motor dealer and Coastal Marine Distributors in Harvey, Louisiana

1995 Beier Radio forms Yamaha Motorsports of New Orleans and becomes the leading motorcycle, ATV and wave runner dealership in New Orleans.

1995 Beier Radio creates Beier and Associates which takes over all commercial electronics sales and engineering

1999 Beier Radio developed conceptual plans for a new Dynamic Positioning System. During the next few years, Beier worked with Navis Engineering of Finland to develop the hardware and software that today is known as the IVCS2000 Integrated Vessel Control System.

2006 The company is formally separated into two companies Frank L Beier Radio, Boat Stuf, Inc and Beier and Associates, Inc. Eric takes over all recreational divisions, ie., Frank L Beier Radio, Boat Stuf  and Karl takes the commercial marine electronics group B &A, Inc. Frank L Beier Radio’s name is changed to Boat Stuf.

2007 Beier Radio opened its DP Training Center and received international certification from the Nautical Institute in London.

2009 Beier Radio established an international service support network with agents in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Nigeria and Brazil.

2010 Beier And Associate’s name is changed to Beier Radio, Inc.

2012 Beier Radio purchased the engineering and manufacturing company Sentinel Controls.

2014 Beier Radio opens its new training facility and forms a new company to provide DP and ECDIS training to mariners. The new company is The Marine Training Institute.

2014 Beier Radio moves management and administrative offices to Mandeville, Louisiana.

2014 Beier Radio builds new manufacturing and service facility in Gray, Louisiana.2015 Beier Radio renames the operations group to Beier Integrated Systems and Beier Radio become the holding company for its three operation groups.

2016 Beier Integrated Systems Purchases South Coast Electric Systems



Beier Radio's First Office located at 503 State Street, New Orleans

Beier Radio’s First Office located at 503 State Street, New Orleans