LAWORKs Safe Award Letter of Commendation by the Louisiana Workforce Commission

Beier has also received the LAWORKs Safe Award with Letter of Commendation.  This award was issued by the Louisiana Workforce Commission. Learn more>

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Beier awarded OSHA’s 2016-2017 SHARP Awards

Beier has been awarded OSHA’s 2016-2017 SHARP Awards for both Gray, LA facilities (Sentinel & The Marine Training Institute).   Presently, there are only three Houma-based facilities with this award.  In fact, only 23 awards (to date) have ever been presented in the entire State of Louisiana since the award was initiated. Learn more >


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Beier Purchases South Coast Electric Systems

Beier Integrated Systems Purchases South Coast Electric Systems

(Mandeville, LA) Beier Integrated Systems (Beier) has purchased South Coast Electric Systems (SCES) of Bay St. Louis, Mississippi, from American Electric Technologies (AETI). The acquisition expands Beier’s manufacturing capabilities in the marine market and strengthens Beier’s position as a global leader in integrated, turnkey technology solutions.


Beier will acquire SCES’s operations, including a manufacturing plant and equipment in Bay St. Louis, MS. SCES is a marine and industrial electrical switchgear manufacturer and service provider. The company has been in business for 14 years and is recognized in the industry as a high quality, cost effective provider of switchgear solutions to the marine and industrial industry.


Additionally, 13 highly-qualified and committed employees of the South Coast Electric operation will be added to the Beier team. South Coast Electric Systems will now operate under a new name – South Coast Electric, LLC.


“We are very excited about refitting existing vessels and engineering new vessels with our new power and control products from South Coast Electric, ”says Beier Integrated Systems President Karl Beier. “This acquisition will allow Beier to add the only missing component – the switchgear – to our fully integrated packages in order to provide a complete turnkey electrical solution to shipyards and ship owners. We are confident this will result in a better engineered and integrated equipment package, reducing cost and eliminating risk for our customers.”

Beier Integrated Systems, a Beier Radio company, is a global leader in providing turnkey vessel control, navigation, communication and power management solutions with corporate offices in Mandeville, LA and engineering and manufacturing facilities in Gray, LA and Bay St. Louis, MS.

Download South Coast Electric brochure, PDF

Download Press Release, Beier South Coast Electric, PDF

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Sentinel Announces Major Design Advancement in RFU Technology

Sentinel, a Beier Radio company, has designed and manufactured a new Rudder Feedback Unit (RFU) with many innovative features long sought by the marine industry. Unlike other RFU’s on the market, Sentinel’s new RFU has watertight components and connections that can be flooded in up to one meter of water for a 24-hour period and still provide accurate positioning for control systems.

The unit provides precise rudder position feedback via four non-contact inductive resonance encoders with IP67/IP69K degree of protection. The encoders are mounted in a custom-designed RFU enclosure constructed of 3/8” nominal impact, highly corrosion resistant Vintec I® PVC to IP68 standards. The RFU utilizes IP68-rated proximity sensing limit switches providing accurate, non-contact electrical travel limits.

“Our engineers have designed an RFU that meets the environmental demands of today’s inland and offshore vessels,” says David Lirette, Vice President of Manufacturing for Sentinel Control Division of Beier Radio. “Where other units in the past have been completely damaged by water intrusion, this unit can survive complete submersion and still provide accurate positioning to the control system.”

“RFU design has not changed in more than 30 years, and Sentinel recognized the industry’s need for a more reliable steering system. We spent two years designing and testing multiple prototypes to make a feedback unit that eliminates issues with previous technology, and Sentinel is pleased to now offer this innovative new design to the marine industry,” Sentinel Design Engineer James Cole.

IP67-rated external connectors match factory-supplied cables that are available in five pre-cut lengths, and drilling is not required, reducing installation time. The stainless steel linkage shaft is adjustable from 3” to 15-5/8” length from center of rotation. The RFU has no internal wiring, which eliminates wiring errors and faults. The inductive resonance encoders feature voltage and current outputs that can interface to the majority of steering and dynamic positioning systems available on the market today and are programmable to provide maximum resolution within any span of rotation.

The RFU is designed and manufactured by Sentinel at Beier Radio’s 20-acre facility in Gray, La. Sentinel is an original equipment manufacturer of high quality control and instrumentation products and systems and is an affiliate of Beier Integrated Systems and The Marine Training Institute within the Beier Radio family of companies.

It is not the intent of Sentinel Control to install this unit in a tank or compartment designed to be flooded, however, if the steering compartment becomes flooded, this unit is designed to operate submerged and provide accurate position information allowing the vessel to be maneuvered to a safe area for repair.

Download Rudder Feedback Unit Brochure PDF
Rudder Feedback Unit

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Gangway Controls Demonstrate Engineering Solutions

Sentinel, a Beier Radio company, provides engineering solutions that help preserve multi-million dollar investments. After the manufacturer of a gangway system went out of business, threatening to render that investment useless, a vessel company looked to Sentinel to engineer new gangway controls and provide new control software to get its gangway back into operation quickly and cost-effectively.
Sentinel’s expert team of engineers and marine electronics professionals did just that, designing and manufacturing new control systems and PLC for a Master Control Console Chair for a fraction of the cost of replacing the unit.
The master control chair outfitted by Sentinel includes joysticks to operate the gangway, which can be manually controlled during approach and switched to automated mode for a free-float landing that allows a seven-foot safety toleration. Monitors installed by Sentinel in the chair console and in the wheelhouse allow the operator and vessel captain to view the gangway activity.
The control systems and PLC were designed and manufactured by Sentinel at Beier Radio’s 20-acre facility in Gray, LA. Sentinel is an original equipment manufacturer of high quality control and instrumentation products and systems, and is an affiliate of Beier Integrated Systems and The Marine Training Institute within the Beier Radio family of companies.
Custom Gangway magazine article in Maritime Reporter and Engineering News, view PDF.
Gangway Control by Sentinel

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Sentinel Floodgate Control

Sentinel, a Beier Radio company, has designed and manufactured the control panels for the Bayou Petit Caillou Floodgate in south Louisiana. The 110 feet wide floodgate is a dry dock barge, which is moved into place creating a temporary barrier against rising canal waters. The floodgate was installed on September 2, 2015. The Sentinel system automatically controls pumps and valves of the gate to insure that it both sinks and rises in a level fashion regardless of current or other environmental impacts.Flood Gate Control WEBflood gate pics web

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Beier Radio Is Now Beier Integrated Systems

For 70 years, Beier Radio has provided engineering, sales, and service for marine electronics around the globe. As the company marks its 70th anniversary, it also unveils a new name for the operating company known for its advanced vessel control and navigation systems. Beier Radio is now Beier Integrated Systems. The company’s new website address is

“While the name is new, the Beier commitment to providing quality systems and expert services has not changed. Beier Integrated Systems will continue to sell the integrated DP systems that we have built our reputation on around the world, as well as to offer the expert engineering, installation, commissioning, and the after-sales service and support that our customers depend on,” says owner Karl Beier.

Beier Integrated Systems is a global leader in providing turnkey vessel control, navigation, and communication solutions. The company’s integrated engineering concept and installation teams specialize in retrofit projects, providing custom-designed systems that reduce vessel downtime and achieve the highest level of performance. Products include Beier’s own IVCS 4000 Dynamic Positioning System, Beier Series 2000 Alarm and Monitoring Systems, propulsion controls, and Furuno navigation and communication equipment. Beier Integrated Systems provides international, around-the-clock support for all of its products.

Beier Radio, LLC will remain the parent corporation for Beier Integrated Systems, as well as affiliates Sentinel, and The Marine Training Institute. Sentinel is an engineering and manufacturing company, and The Marine Training Institute (TMTI) provides DP and ECDIS training. Sentinel, TMTI, and an extensive Beier Integrated Systems service and engineering center are located at a new facility in Houma, LA along the central Gulf coast. Beier Integrated Systems corporate office is located in Mandeville, LA.

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Celebrating 70 Years of Excellence

Beier Radio, LLC as we know it today was originally named, Frank L Beier Radio in January 1945. Frank L Beier had been a radio/telegraph operator in the Merchant Marine working for RCA before and during WWII.Print

In those days, the radios and telegraph equipment was leased to the shipping companies by RCA (in the USA) or Marconi (in Europe), and the radio operator was rented also.
Shortly after the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941, RCA transferred him off the ships and onto shore in Pascagoula, MS to head up the installation of equipment on the new Liberty and Victory Class freighters being built at Ingalls Shipyard. He stayed in that position until RCA asked him to move to New England and head up their installations at a new submarine yard. He declined the offer, moved back to New Orleans and became the first RCA marine electronics dealer in the world.

When the war ended, demand for many new electronic products such as, direction finders, depth sounders, ship-to-shore radios and radars began to emerge. Frank L Beier Radio was the first independent dealer in the USA to sell, install and service these products.

Frank L. Beier, circa 1938

Frank L. Beier, circa 1938

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Repair Technicians Wanted

Gray, LA
Immediate openings for in-the-field engineers and repair technicians. Must have strong knowledge of basic electronics, PLC’s, control systems and computer hardware and software. Job requires regional travel in the Gulf Coast area of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama, to repair systems on-board commercial vessels. Knowledge of marine communications and navigation systems required. Competitive salary, vehicle, retirement plan, paid health insurance, paid disability insurance, paid vacation and sick time. Resumes can be sent to or fill out an application on the Beier Employment page.

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Beier Radio Donates Bulletproof Vests for Local Officers

officers that got vestThe Beier Radio family of companies, including The Marine Training Institute and Sentinel Control Technologies, are marking their expansion in Terrebonne Parish by giving back to law enforcement officers who protect the community each and every day.  Today, Beier Radio donated seven bulletproof vests to the Terrebonne Parish Sheriff’s Office and the Houma Police Department in a presentation at the corporation’s facility in Gray, Louisiana.


“Beier Radio is proud to be a part of this robust business community and we appreciate the law enforcement officers who keep us all safe at work and at home,” explains owner Karl Beier. “With this donation of bullet-proof vests, we are pleased to help protect the officers who protect us all.”


Six vests have been donated to the Terrebonne Parish Sheriff’s Office and one vest has been donated to the Houma Police Department.


“More and more people are carrying guns today, and more than ever before, officers don’t know what they are up against when they approach a situation.  Bullet proof vests are critical in protecting the lives of our police officers, and we need every one that we can get,” says Keith Gallicio, president of the Fraternal Order of Police, Houma Lodge. “We greatly appreciate Beier Radio’s support in providing one more safety advantage for our dedicated officers who put themselves in harm’s way every day.”


With headquarters in Mandeville, Louisiana, Beier Radio is a worldwide supplier of Integrated Vessel Control and Management systems, including the Beier IVCS 4000 series Dynamic Positioning system and IVMS 2000 Series Vessel Management system. Sentinel Control Technologies, the manufacturing division of Beier Radio, designs and manufactures high quality control and instrumentation products and systems used for vessel management, steering, cargo loading and unloading, navigation light panels, shaft tachometers, engine controls, and thruster controls.


The new Marine Training Institute offers navigation and dynamic positioning training to boat captains and operators utilizing revolutionary computer simulation technology. It is the only full-time ECDIS training facility along the Gulf Coast, and is accredited by The Nautical Institute in London for training in the operation of Dynamic Position systems.


The Marine Training Institute opened along LA Highway 24 in Gray in January 2014, and Sentinel, along with Beier Radio’s full service and engineering departments, moved to newly constructed facilities at this location in June.  When construction of a new warehouse is completed this fall, the 20-acre campus will house 50 employees for all three affiliated companies.vest group shot

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